Over the past 35 years, we have been a reliable source of printed porcelain cups, tableware and ceramic products. We are experienced in making a wide range of housewares, Lights, cups, tableware, promotional and souvenir items.

Our business strategy is to manufacture top quality and attractive products. In order to satisfy customers' needs, our R&D team endeavors to research market trends and develop new items.

We ensure top quality with our stringent inspection procedures. Our QC specialists execute checking at each stage of production right before delivery.

In addition to our standard products, OEM/ODM orders and buyers' specifications are welcome. Your specific orders can be satisfy, by our long-standing customizing expertise and large production lines. For details, contact immediately.





我們的經營策略是生產最高的質量和具有吸引力的產品。 為了滿足客戶需求,我們的研究與發展團隊努力研究市場趨勢並積極開發新項目。

我們用最嚴格的檢查標準並保證最優的質量。 我們品管人員嚴格把關在生產流程、及交貨之前嚴格的包裝及品質檢查。

除了我們的常規產品之外,OEM/ODM預訂、客人的特殊訂製也是非常受歡迎的。  透過我們的專門技能和熟悉的生產線流程,您的明確說明及細節可以在最短的時間內得到滿意的回覆。  想更了解更多的細節,歡迎即時來電洽詢。